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we provide beautiful and functional kitchen remodeling & designs that complement the general look of your home.

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Bring us your ideas and your vision, and together, we’ll create a kitchen reflecting your family and your lifestyle.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Schaumburg Makes Easy

We understand that kitchens are an important part of every home. We also know you’ll like to smile and hum to a song while cooking or cleaning up the kitchen and an outdated kitchen design could hinder all this.
For this reason, we put in all the effort required in meeting and surpassing your expectations to ensure you can create delectable dishes while entertaining guests and enjoying yourself and your family time.
Be it a contemporary, modern or hippy design, our contractors are well equipped to bring your dreams into existence. From redesigning an old, outdated kitchen to safe proofing an already existing kitchen for seniors or children.

Transform your kitchen into the new space you’re looking for.

We do our best to create kitchen designs from your ideas and needs. We always partner up with our clients in Schaumburg to ensure we get the right details so as to provide you with a tailor made kitchen remodeling plan well suited to your budget and needs.

We also help you select the best fitting cabinets, counters, fixtures, etc. you’re your newly remodeled and renovated kitchen after all, you, our clients are the kings of our business and your happiness is important.
Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Schaumburg

Kitchen Cabinets

We offer a wide range of cabinet designs that suit the unique style of your kitchen, beautifying your design while retaining its storage purpose and functionality.
Whether you opt for replacement (custom or stock) services for your kitchen cabinets, Smardbuild has cabinets that suit your budget perfectly with choices ranging from knobs to hinges, hanging wall cabinets to floor cabinets and we do all this without compromising quality or style.

Affordable Kitchen Countertops Schaumburg

Kitchen Countertops

With countertop options ranging from materials like wood, granite, quartz, laminate, tiles, etc. kitchen countertop designs improve the overall look and beauty of your kitchen.
Aside from functionality, we offer countertops that vary in colors, sizes and edge designs all dependent on your budget.

Affordable Kitchen Islands Schaumburg

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands play a major role in the beautification and functionality of a kitchen. They help make kitchens family-friendly and more spacious.
As great an addition as kitchen islands can be, they do not belong in every kitchen so, it is important to make this decision while considering the size of your kitchen and budget. A kitchen peninsula is a great alternative as it is cost effective and still a very great addition to your new kitchen design.

Affordable Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplashes

Included for more than its functionality, this surface has become a trendy addition in most modern kitchens. With several options to pick from – glass, tiles, mosaic, metal, stone, etc. you can never go wrong with a kitchen backsplash as there is certainly a design that will fit into your unique kitchen style. This surface adds a great touch to your kitchen design.


We start each kitchen remodeling project in Schaumburg by getting know you and finding out more about your project.
That’s why we want to hear every detail and hopefully give you an opportunity to determine if our company is a good to fit your kitchen remodeling project. A professional design manager comes to your home to understand and explore what you want to accomplish


Looking for a great and affordable kitchen remodeling service in Schaumburg? Ready for a fresh design in your kitchen that will help lift your mood? Got a design you’ll like to implement or not? Not sure how to begin? Contact us today and let us turn your dreams into reality.

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